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AlpLab  changes the way traditional service arrangements are managed and performed. We have developed a new generation portal to find solutions to new generation needs. It is called AlpLab. It is not possible to measure time with a material value. We are aware of this. That’s why we are excited to greet you with this project that we have started for the laboratory and aerospace sectors.

Step-by-Step Solution

A marketplace for testing, calibration, validation and verification that brings service buyers and service providers together.

  • Select the service you need.
  • Our system will show you the companies that provide this service closest to you.
  • Companies and offers will appear, such as Supplier 1 – Supplier 2 – Supplier 3.
  • Submit your inquiry and we will organize the rest for you.

In line with GDPR and privacy rules, we will not share your information with companies without an agreement, and we do not share companies’ information with service buyers.

Our system is optmised to find the closest suppliers to you.

Some of the reasons behind this are:

  • We support national and international carbon footprint reduction targets.
  • We travel less by staying local.
  • We support local suppliers.
  • We offer faster and more effective solutions.
  • We offer a model that meets the NHS Carbon Reduction 2030 targets.

Time, Energy and Cost


Testing, Calibration, Validation, and Verification


Firms working with us


Knowledge and passion to help you achieve your goals

The difference of AlpLab from being just a marketplace:

True, AlpLab is a marketplace that brings together buyers and sellers for many types of testing. But that’s not all!

AlpLab is an engineering design project. The executives of this project are engineers and we can do some of these tests ourselves within AlpLab!

What does this mean?

When you enter information regarding the services you require to our system, the company you will receive the service from may not be a 3rd party, but AlpLab itself!

This is one of the main parameters where the AlpLab model makes a difference!

Our system feeds 2 main parties as service providers and service buyers. While AlpLab enables these two parties to reach each other more economically, sustainably and quickly for many test types, it also provides some test types itself.

With its ever-increasing network and engineering staff, AlpLab continues to grow to provide more testing, calibration, validation and verification services!